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The M benefits from its dedicated memory and the superior drivers. Thus, it's possible to check if Turbo Boost is working properly besides checking the processor's performance. The installed Nvidia GeForce M is only suitable to an extent for gaming.

The Sony Vaio is usually quiet when idling. The Sony notebook's power adapter. The Sony laptop isn't exactly an endurance machine according to our runtime test with the program, dn-mc6000 drivers BatterEater. That Sony doesn't make use of Nvidia's Optimus surprises us and we find it a bit too bad. The Sony notebook is sooner in the field of the iM processor from the prior processor generation with this score.

With the M, an entry-level graphics has found its way into the Vaio notebook. System Noise The Sony Vaio is usually quiet when idling. The Sony Vaio laptop doesn't prove to be a big energy saver in terms of power consumption.

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Desktop performance for Windows Aero. The Nvidia card has advantages over the embedded Intel solution, especially in gaming. The touchpad has two unmarked scroll bars, in addition to multi-touch. Merely three have made their way onto the keyboard. Most users will hardly operate the notebook in the lowest brightness in idle mode.

It doesn't look much different on the bottom, either. Nevertheless, the notebook attracts attention because it always emits a quiet noise. Thus, the temperature is still within a safe range and there is still some elbow room. Accessing the hard disk isn't possible. This is an important feature particularly in connection with the Blu-Ray drive.

Thus, the notebook places itself in the lower third of our benchmark chart. The game runs smoothly with frames per second. When the display isn't tilted, the screen remains stable even in wider viewing angles. The wrist rest could hardly be more rigid.

The same is seen in Deus Ex. In addition to the moderate brightness and the poor contrast, the reflective screen makes the reproduction even more difficult. The screen is a model with a glare surface and a resolution of x pixels. However, they sound a bit clattery in some areas but that doesn't affect their function in any way.

Sony Vaio VPC-EH1Z1E/B - External Reviews

Sony Vaio VPC-EH1Z1E/B - External Reviews

In return, it is quite insensitive to pressure applied from the back. Instead, it relies on the Nvidia GeForce M. Typing on the keyboard also proves to be overall very pleasant. Can the notebook convince with only that?

Review Sony Vaio VPC-EH1Z1E/B Notebook - Reviews

Sony vaio vpc eh1z1e drivers

The same graphics card and a somewhat weaker processor still bid enough power for multimedia. All in all, the Sony notebook is a usable all-round laptop with a few drawbacks, but a good price. Except for the usual printed documentation and the warranty certificate, there is nothing in the box. This clearly separates the touchpad from the wrist rest, but recognizing the touchpad shouldn't be a problem due to its nubby surface anyway. Image processing or games are also well possible with the processor.


However, it doesn't have a Blu-Ray drive. The screen shows more shortcomings with the black value. Thus, Microsoft Office Starter and Skype belong to the more reasonable software. Many of the included programs will hardly ever be used, but there are also a few feasible programs.

But, normal users can confidently ignore this. The hard disk occasionally makes itself noticed with a quiet clacking.