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While we're run only event so far between us - it appears that we haven't run into any specific issues with the Osprey e. For example, you might have an Osprey e in the machine, and want to add another Osprey e. If you have multiple Osprey cards, and you want to make global changes, you have to make the change on each card. Compare Osprey models to find the right Osprey Video Capture card for your application. This makes the Ospreye the ideal solution for rack-mount encoding farms, custom enclosures, pcg-6q1m driver for windows 7 and other form-factor constrained environments.

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This control is only for true monochrome devices, without color capability. Industry-Proven Performance OverOsprey cards are in daily worldwide operation in a wide variety of commercial, industrial and broadcast applications. The new Ospreye can co-exist with other Osprey capture solutions in the same system offering a osprey e variety of input type and configuration options.

The channel density enabled by the Osprey e allows fewer computer systems to be used for capture of a given number of channels, dramatically reducing total system cost. Osprey or Osprey e Video Capture Card. After doing some more test i found that it's something with the audio settings.

Osprey 240e drivers

Input Tab The controls on the Input tab of the driver properties card have a global effect on the Osprey capture card on which they reside. This won't pertain to using in a workstation configuration. It comes with features such as color space conversion, automatic telecine detection and processing, and automatic optimization for changing motion osprey e. The amplifier has automatic cable equalization to lessen attenuation over longer runs. Again, the Default button restores the default value.

The captioned video can be encoded, written to file, or rendered directly to the screen. If you are streaming video or capturing to file you do not see numbers this high.

Changes to this control take effect only when all video streams are stopped and restarted. Compared to the previous pin-based method, there are no requirements for a particular startup order, in order to associate settings with instantiations. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

This setting affects all devices served by the currently accessed driver. Any one that have seen this before?

Automatically detect and adapt on-the-fly when the input video format changes from movie frame rates to television frame rates. Ospreyconfig's Initial Processing Sequence In this example, the computer in use has one card and four devices.

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Notch Kill Black and white input sources are rare these days, but some do exist. On a faster, read more processing cores, machine, I'd expect the same encoding job to proceed with minimal or no loss of outout frames. When i do a live broadcast or archive the output preview freezes every seconds the plays seconds, and so on. We recommend that wherever possible for production work, you prepare artwork of the exact size at which it will be used. They exist for users with a high degree of technical expertise.


The Osprey e is ideal for high-density applications with several input channels in a single device. Enable Cropping The Right and Bottom boxes set the bottom right.

Osprey-240e Drivers

Linux driver also available. You can simply ignore them and use the property tabs as discussed in this manual.

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We also tested these Osprey e's by running overnight multiple nights before taking on the road. Both algorithms treat still areas areas that are not green in Test Mode the same way, and there should be no loss of detail in still areas. The Osprey can do the job today and is ready for your future applications. The driver prompts you to restart the system or your application if this is needed.

Linux driver available in early. Product specifications and availability may change without notice. Either of these two methods brings up the audio mixer interface for the audio playback device, as shown below. It is the responsibility of the application to maintain these settings. Device Tab The driver indicates the minimum number of video capture buffers Requested needed to allocate for proper operation.

Drivers for Ospreye Capture Device

Custom Installing Avstream You move a board from one slot to another, or if you add another board of the same type. Especially not changes to the audio sample rate. Use the left and right arrow buttons to move the video to the left or right. This information is accurate at time of publishing and is subject to change without notice. This setting is the default.