David Gilmour Tone Building - Tube Driver

Bkb Tube Driver

This setup works for The Wall Big Muff tones too. If it does not drop, turn the drive down another notch.

Tube Works Tube Driver 4-knob

Bkb tube driver

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Set the booster pedal's bass and treble or tone knob to be as transparent as possible, in that the clean tone is not colored when the booster is switched on. It is the perfect match and actually attenuates the amp far better than a Marshall Power Brake. Unlike typical effect pedals, the Tube Driver includes a built in power cord, as it uses an internal transformer, which can be noisy for certain users. One was set for overdrive, and one was set for a light boost to blend with the Big Muffs, and for use alone as a light drive pedal, as he had done in the s.

BK Butler Tube Driver with bias knob

To the right of that is a s Tube Works Real Tube. In that way, it is actually a superior pedal to the Tube Driver, and housed in a smaller enclosure. He sold Tube Works in the s and they were later shut down, but in Butler reissued the Tube Driver by custom order through his Butler Audio company. In that way, it is actually a more versatile pedal than the Tube Driver, and housed in a smaller enclosure. Older s model Tube Drivers have seven digits.

Knockoff made by Chandler after Butler parted ways with them. Hello everyone, I am a new member of these forums. It is also likely that either one was also used for a clean boost. Both are shown above with J's settings. It generates anything from a smooth, light overdrive tone, to a classic rock-style heavy distortion.

Tube Works Tube Driver 4-knob

BK Butler / Chandler Tube Driver Original Vintage Beige

Les Paul with P pickups and Bigsby tremolo. At low drive settings the tone is slightly different than a Tube Driver due to the active tone circuit, but it is still closer than most other overdrive pedals. We are now watching the poll here. This is the original version from with the resistors mounted to the bottom of the circuitboard. Butler, as he owns the tooling.

Bk Butler. Tube Driver Real Tube Tube King. Which Is Your Fav

BK Butler / Chandler Tube Driver Original Vintage Beige

Ok, maybe I need to dig out of storage the Tube King and revisit this pedal. The tone of a Tube Driver is fairly transparent when using as a boost, but you can also lightly color the Muff tone when boosting.

Be patient, turn the amp up to stage volume, acer travelmate 2451 wlmi drivers play around with some different tubes and see what you like. They can be made to sound like anythng from a Tube Screamer to the Mesa Boogie mark series overdrive sound.

Voted for tube king, but my opinion is based on the red one. They don't exactly fit the older Tube Driver knobs or the smaller knobs used on the s Tube Drivers, but can be modified to fit.

Or does it go further down? There are videos but nothing that shows you or elaborates the sound difference with bias turned up or down or in mid. Also, works perfectly without any issues whatsoever.

B.K. Butler Tube Driver